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About the African Queen Germany Contest

The African Queen Contest represents one of the most  important cultural events for the citizens of African descent in Germany.

The African Queen contest is about the beauty of the African Woman, but it also offers the plat form to showcase the rich African culture and provide the needed venue for the exchange of ideas among the abundant talents in arts and culture among the Diasporan population.

    African Queen is meant  to achieve the following:

  • Awakening emotions and memories of  cultural identities
  • Support and encourage young talented Africans and Afro-Europeans in the filed of entertainment
  • Building bridges across cultures
  • Attract the interest of other people in the society who are not  necessarily of African descent
  • Portray the rich African culture to Germany and re energies interest to Diaspora Africans in Germany
  • Help promote integration, inter and intra African culture and unity
  • Network top prominent Africans in Show Biz and various sectors of the economy to support show biz

The entire event will be accompanied by 

  • cultural programs
  • African  fashion show
  • Live performances from young and talented African and Afro-European artists

    The highlight of the evening will be the crowning of  the African     Queen 2009

(C) 2009 Heritage Promotion/African Queen Germany