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The title of African Queen is very prestigious and has to be acquired by merit

Persons familiar with or related to any of the contestants will not serve on the panel of judges

The contestants will be scoring 1-5 points for each category to be judged based on the following criteria:

  • Outfit/Dress: design and fitness

  • Cat walk skills: stage movement

  • African Flair: Awareness of African culture, natural beauty, originality and individuality

  • Poise and charisma: elegance, composure and confidence

  • Communication skills: Eloquency, coherence, posture, smile and stage presentation and general knowledge

      Also to be considered in scoring:

  • Mental discipline
  • Enthusiasm and Connection to the audience



The participant should:

  • Good, enviable body mass.
  • Good dental formula
  • Not pregnant or never has been pregnant.
  • Face and skin without blemishes
  • Obtained at least a minimum of 10 years of Education or above
  • No history of any plastic surgery
  • Be resident in Germany.

Body statistics:

  • Age: 17-27
  • Height: 57 and above
  • Hips: 36`(+ or-2)
  • Waist: 24`(+ or-2)
  • Bust: 36`(+2`or-4`)

(C) 2009 Heritage Promotion/African Queen Germany